Painkillers for pain

Pain relief

At the initial stage, discomfort in the neck does not occur, but with the development of the disease, the bone and cartilage tissues are destroyed and severe pains appear. In this case, painkillers can help relieve pain in osteochondrosis. When it is necessary to take drugs

Special medicines should be drunk when it is extremely necessary to get rid of the pain syndrome, when the spinal cord aches and it is given to various organs located nearby. In this case, will help painkillers with cervical osteochondrosis or lumbar. The most appropriate option is to take pills in which the dose for a long-term effect is calculated correctly. Tablets do not create side effects, however, their reception should be clearly limited and drink only as directed by the doctor.

It is important to know that taking medications helps to get rid of pain in osteochondrosis only in its initial stages; in the chronic stage of the disease, an integrated approach is needed, including the internal and external effects of drugs and modern techniques. Anesthetic drugs

Modern medicine provides many tools whose action helps to relieve pain for a period of time from one hour to a full day. The correct course of treatment and pills are always prescribed by the doctor.

Drugs are divided into:

In addition to all the above methods of treatment, pain can also be eliminated by traditional methods or massage, which has the following properties:


Painkillers for osteochondrosis in the form of tablets should be drunk strictly on doctor’s prescription. In no case can not self-medicate, because the disease – this is not a joke. And medications have many side effects that have a negative effect on the work of the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. The most popular pain pills for osteochondrosis: Analgin, Diclofenac, Nimesulide and Ketorolac. The doctor may prescribe:

Ointments and gels also do not harm the human body, you just need to apply a remedy to the sore spot. Special ointment promotes microcirculation and blood flow, as a result of which the pain subsides, and it can be applied without a doctor’s appointment. However, such self-medication in rare cases also causes complications. I must say that today such ointments are in demand: Kapsikam, Chondroitin and Finalgon. These agents, when applied, penetrate the pores of the skin and act on the focus of the disease.


An injection is the most powerful tool that can reduce discomfort when a disease such as osteochondrosis occurs. This is due to the fact that the medicine is injected directly into the painful focus and the anesthetic for osteochondrosis immediately begins to act.

According to the classification of the impact of the injection are divided into:

Benefits of using injections: